Sweatshirts Beyond the Gym

The sweatshirt has traditionally been socially restricted to a handful of occasions. If it didn’t involve hitting the gym, making a quick run to the grocery store or lazying it up at home, you’d never even consider a sweatshirt when putting together an attire for a more socially appropriate setting.

Recently, however, the story’s been flipped. Sweatshirts aren’t just designed for prizefighting boxers or husbands with leaf-raking chores. Casual and luxury brands have taken the garment and transformed them into mature pieces made perfect for a variety of occasions you’d have never considered in the past. From running morning errands to hosting a dinner party – and everything else in-between – this new wave of sweatshirts have become must-have wardrobe essentials.

Here are a few looks to get you inspired on how to incorporate the sweatshirt into your daily routine.

Stay Classic

A great all-around-look compiled with timeless pieces from head to toe, each meant to feel and look better when worn over time.


Sweatshirt – Reigning Champ // Crew Neck Sweat

Jeans – Noble Denim // Earnest Slim

Boots – Oak Street Bookmakers // Natural Trench Boot

Street Casual

Keep the casual look going strong without sacrificing style by donning a pair of throwback Stan Smiths.


Sweatshirt – APC // Marine Crew Sweat

Pants – Alex Mill // Khakis

Sneakers – ADIDAS // Stan Smiths

A Night Out

Dress it up by layering in a button-up shirt when it’s time for a night out on the town.


Sweatshirt – J.Crew // Two-Toned Slubbed Cotton Sweatshirt

Shirt – UNIQLO // Polka Dot Oxford

Jeans – Carhartt WIP // Rebel Pant

Boots – Cole Haan // Lenox Hill Chelsea Boots

More Sweatshirt Options

If that wasn’t enough, here are additional sweatshirts to consider from a few of our favorite brands around the globe.

– Maison Kitsune // Tricolour Fox Crew Neck Sweat

– Saturdays NYC // Bowery Sweatshirt

– ACNE Studios // Casey Loopback

– Bleu de Paname // De Chauffe Indigo

– Todd Snyder // Leather Patch Sweatshirt

Brands We Love: Lawless Denim

Brands We Love: Lawless Denim

From time to time, we like to share what brands we’re currently crushing on. Product quality, company heritage, variety and customer service are all core tenants from which we evaluate.

Lawless Denim hits the mark on all accounts.

Brands We Love: Lawless Denim

Based out of Phoenix, Az., Lawless is the only selvedge denim producer west of the Mississippi. These guys value high-quality goods, all hand-crafted in the USA. All of their products are created on vintage denim sewing machines like their Union Special 43200G “Bull Dog,” which is used on their chain stitch hems. Everything is made in-house, single-needle stitched.

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans custom-fit for your guy, custom tailoring is one of Lawless’ most popular options. Their 12-14-oz. weight is a great starter selvedge denim in straight or slim fit cuts.

Lawless is opening a new Los Angeles factory in September 2014. This 10,000-square-foot warehouse will employee 50-75 American workers who’ll operate 14 vintage X3 Draper Looms (the same looms that Levi Strauss originally used) for denim and chambray production, as well as cutting, sewing, design and shipping.

Want to get in on this hot new brand before it explodes (which it will!)? Check out their Kickstarter page as soon as possible, and pledge for a chance to purchase premium small batch selvedge denim (or accessories) for but a fraction of the full price.

For inquiries or more information about My Girl Dressed Me, contact us at: info@mygirldressedme.com.

Fashionable Father’s Day

Because Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the dads in our lives through reflecting back on those unforgettable, nostalgic moments, take the day to recognize his fashionable style—because we all know they have rocked a pair of dad jeans at least one time or another.

In honor of our dads, Dean Spychalski and Terry Carter, two of the coolest, toughest and most kind men we know, we asked them to define their style and what inspires them. Now, because they are our dads, they each had to each say us, of course. While it’s probably somewhat true, as we encourage them to try new things to stay fashionable on a regular basis, our dads have similar styles and both dress for their occasion. They also both like to keep it basic, and separate their style for work and play.

We sat down with our dads and this is what they had to say:

Fashionable Father's Day | My Girl Dressed Me

Outfit inspired by Josh’s dad Terry Carter.

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20 Summer 2014 Essentials

Roll up your sleeves. Unbutton that top button. Slip on those boat shoes. Summer is finally here. After an extremely long hibernation (especially for the My Girl Dressed Me guys here in the Midwest), we’re ready to show some skin.

The key to any seasonal transition is to take it slow while embracing the changing climes… because let’s face it, even if your guy resists, the heat and humidity are guaranteed to find him!

Help your guy look great throughout the season – while staying cool – with these 20 Summer 2014 Essentials.

1. Swimwear

20 Summer Essentials - Lightning Bolt USA Big Wednesday boardshort

Lightning Bolt USA Big Wednesday boardshort

His swimsuit is his summer uniform–make sure it pops. Recommended brand: Lightning Bolt USA.

2. Sunglasses

20 Summer Essentials - Warby Parker Ormsby in English Oak

Warby Parker Ormsby in English oak

Squinting’s days are numbered. Recommended brand: Warby Parker.

3. Boat Shoe

20 Summer Essentials - Rancourt & Co. Boat Shoe in Brown Chromexcel

Rancourt & Co. boat shoe in brown chromexcel

It’s summer–it’s ok to show a little ankle! Recommended brands: Rancourt & Co. and Sperry.

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Say No to Makeover Surprises

Say No to Makeover Surprises

We keep saying, “start slow and with the basics” – well, we mean it. Approaching a style makeover on your guy out of the blue could backfire, and it could take a while to get back on track.

Picture this: The guy in your life (could be your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband) comes home from a long weekend away with his friends. He walks into the house and sees a few new outfits laid out on the couch as he drops off his travel bag. He stops to examine the scene but doesn’t realize the clothes are for him. You, the excited sister, mother, girlfriend, partner or spouse walk into the room and say, “Do you like the new outfits I picked out for you? Let’s try them on!”

Although this is a super nice and thoughtful gesture (a scene straight out of a romantic comedy), it can be offensive – especially if you haven’t had a chance to discuss this style makeover. It may even raise questions from him, such as, “Do you hate the way I dress?” Cue the scene where the guy storms out of the room to the bedroom, puts on his ratty t-shirt and past-their-prime gym shorts and plops himself down on the couch for the rest of the night. #SurpriseMakeoverFail

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